Stability & Constructivity



3m W - 1.80m H




Stability refers to a balanced and harmonious expression delivered by the relationship between elements contained within a defined space.
Constructivity refers to build by re-organizing already defined elements, redesigning their functionality and space which they belong to.

Explores the materials involved in the photograph, to further experiment with their properties and behaviours searching ways to free these elements from their symbolism and connotations, to also disassociate them from their meaning in traditional narrative or language. Therefore, I propose to work with the pure material substance, its colour and form, and the psychology behind our relationship to material and form. I aim to suggest that elements can’t stand on their own as the process of making the work will bring those different elements together -instead of being independent physical objects they form part of something else-.
Plays with the limits of how to present the work and suggested the viewer different possibilities/perspectives on how to experience it. Therefore, I propose to fragment the photograph in order to allow the viewer to decide how he/she wants to experience the work and redefine the suggested space while the work is experienced. For that reason, the work isn’t finished, it changes its configuration with each step that the viewer takes -a new space is built each time the work is experienced-.
Opens the frame and separates all the elements that compromise a framed photograph to then rearrange them in order to deliver an experience that challenges the standards of how we experience a photograph. Therefore, I propose to work with photography conventions in order to be able to play with the limits of how to present a photograph. Also dismantling the photograph instead of the photograph being contained by a frame the frame opens and becomes an element of the work, where the photograph could rest. I aim that the viewer looks beyond the frame and experiences the work not on a two-dimensional surface, but encourages the viewer to move around the work, suggesting many ways to experience it due to its capacity to transform by what surrounds it. I intent to question the possibilities of the photograph to become something else without losing its integrity -its independence is what I find attractive-