South End, 2012 - 2014

The Tittle South End comes initially from the name South End On The Sea, a seaside town located on the south coast of England, I visited the area not far on time from when I arrived in the UK to start a new period in my life, until that moment I didn’t recognise that I was starting a life in an island, as for me the UK was an extension of the main continent and not a separate land. 
I am originally from Peru in South America, where we always use the term “moving/going down” when we mention moving South and the concept exists with the metaphorical idea of an End. The name South End On The Sea triggered me the idea of an/the End from the new place where I have just moved. Thinking at the same time on historical periods were those towns and places were named and when was thought that the UK was the centre of the world.  The tittle South End shows the profile of an island based on the unique way British people have at the time to relate with the seaside.

He spent two years travelling around the south coast looking to experience “a different way to approach the seaside,” in accordance with his interest in the concept of visual architecture, and found himself “fascinated by the nature and culture around the south coast.” And before you find yourself struggling to suppress a snigger, fellow Brits, take a look at the shots he has captured, because they actually look quite idyllic.
Illuminated on a rare sunny day and complete with rocky cliffs, grassy hills and the occasional windbreaker, Jorge’s series does as much to prove that Southend-on-Sea and various other beaches around the south coast can be really lovely places, as he does to prove that the flying of flags is by no mean limited to supporting the team during a World Cup or for flaunting at royal weddings. It’s not often holidaying Brits are given a nod for their nature or culture, so let’s make the most of it while it lasts.
Maisie Skidmore - It’s Nice that review