Often exploring vast expanses, abandoned or disrupted landscapes. Dieguez’s practice interests in containment and looking at the façade as a border, he believe something unexpected takes place on the margins of our infrastructure, associating it with an area of conflict which delineates the private from the public. The primary perspective is the roaming gaze. He explores the changes that have been altering our collective memory in relation to the environment: territories, traditions and habits, reflecting on the urban condition generated by accelerated economic growth.
His installations suggest a re-interpretation of the photograph as a reality in order to work with the materiality of the photograph and how the photograph could be used as an object that directs the viewer's body position within the space, where the photograph instead of containing something becomes a solid three-dimensional structure part of something else. He proposes to work with the pure material substance, its colour and form, and the psychology behind our relationship to material and form. 

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