I am a Peruvian native artist based in London with degrees in photography, cinematography and architecture, a hybrid that manifests in my practice, where architecture is the discipline that contributes most to interests and explorations.
Growing up in Lima, a dense and unplanned city with very minimal marks of the style of design and construction methods, made me appreciate forms and patterns disconnected between them. I was captivated by Lima's atypical aesthetic and the scale of its complex urbanisation. I was drawn by how they settle in our environment and how we relate with them. That relationship between Human/Object - Human/Space seeded in me. I am always thinking about my work in its final installation and its physical relation with the viewer. My process finishes once my work materialises and is experience in space.
My work explores vast expanses, allowing me to share a self-reflection profoundly. Using the desert as a recurrent environment, unbent by the human race, there is a purity that could be experienced by being out in the desert for long periods. And not tight to that experience, I have a fascination for abandoned and disrupted landscapes. They carry changes that alter our collective memory, and I intend to explore that area of conflict generated by land appropriation and mass human displacement.

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