Desierto Sur, 2013-2019

Size : 120 x 96cm 

Grid : 12 images x 60x60cm 

Understanding unaltered geography, contemplate diverse scenarios delivered during a day and depict those aspects with a sense of timeless and slowness. I was brought up in the compulsive city of Lima_Peru, as a child, my parents took any holiday to do long road trips, in many occasions, my father drove from Lima to Santiago de Chile -4000km/45hrs- which is a straight line on the Pan American Road which settles on a desert all the way, those trips and the immense amount of time I spent looking through our car window, still in my back memory, a vast panorama where I remember an infinite desert on one side and an infinite Ocean on the opposite side.
During the day the desert fluctuates between different periods of temperatures, winds and humidity, the landscape transforms quickly and it is very easy to experience a completely different scenario in a short moment, that frequency fascinates me, for me those changes are natural and metaphorical at the same time, those insignificant natural transitions suggest something big from something small where the unreadable imprinted human activity makes it difficult for my memory to relocate itself in that vast scenario.

Diptich : 2 images x 120x92cm 

Desierto Sur - Southern Desert The southern desert of Peru is a vast land that runs from Lima to the border with Chile, located between The Andes Range and The Pacific Ocean. For this project, I travelled extensively in the area for 7 years.